My Musings on television, film and comics.


Echo Review

13th January 2024
My spoiler free musings about the MCU's D+ show: ECHO.

Yaira Drawing Timelapse Colouring

3rd January 2024
A timelepse video colouring my drawing of Ripperverse Characters Yaira and Alphacore - with a commentary.

RippaVerse: Alphacore Spoiler Free Review

6th December 2023
My Spoiler free musings about Rippaverse Comics: Alphacore.

RippaVerse: Isom 2 Review

17th September 2023
My musings about Rippaverse ISOM #2 - is it deserving of the hype or hate

The MCU is going to H£LL: a moral decline

3rd September 2023
My musings over the moral decline in the MCU over phase 4, and so far 5

MCU - They're burning it all down

13th August 2023
My musings over the MCU's insistance on tearing down the past through self parody