Andrew Radbourne
Caricature Artist & Comic Book illustrator.

Montage of Bernard Cribbins' work in cartoon form.

About Me.

Hi, that’s my name up there.

I’m a caricaturist and artist from Rugby in the UK, with a real passion for the work I create. As far as I’m concerned “that’ll do” won’t do. I’ve drawn many hundreds of caricatures over the years, solely generated by word of mouth and decided to finally put myself out there properly.

I pride myself on producing images with fantastic likenesses and enjoy introducing hobbies and interests of my subjects to make them that extra bit more individual and portray a story with humour and wit.

Unlike many of my contemporaries online all my caricatures are hand drawn and coloured. So, you will receive an original piece of art, not a print. I don’t use templates either, so all the backgrounds are tailored to the individual.

So come inside and have a look around and drop me a line if you have a project you’d like me to work on.