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Avengers Endgame - is it BAD?

17th March 2024
My historical musings on The culmination of the Infinity Stone Saga: AVENGERS ENDGAME

Doctor Who The Giggle Review

10th December 2023
My musings about the 3rd 60th Anniversary Doctor Who special - The Giggle.

Doctor Who Wild Blue Yonder Review

3rd December 2023
My musingas about the 2nd 60th Anniversary Doctor Who special - Wild Blue Yonder.

Doctor Who The Star Beast Review

26th November 2023
My spoilery musings about D+ Loki Season 2 Episode 6

Doctor Who: Love and Monsters review - spoiler I LIKE IT!

14th January 2023
A random one today, my musing on Doctor Who: Love and Monsters from 2006. A contentious episode I enjoy

Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor review

26th October 2022
My musings about Jodie's final outing as The Doctor and Chibbers last episode as showrunner: The Power of the Doctor.