Boss Level Review - Kill DIE Repeat

Published: 14th April 2024, by Andrew Radbourne.

My spoiler free musings about the off missed gem "Boss Level"

Greetings everyone,

Today, I bring to you an unsung gem of a movie that has somehow slipped under the radar: "Boss Level". This fantastic film caught my eye one day as I stumbled upon its trailer, leading me to purchase a European import just to be able to watch it. Quite perplexingly, it wasn't available in the UK.

This film is yet another feather in the cap of Frank Grillo, who has been part of numerous projects recently. He not only has his name attached to it but also stars in it, delivering an absolutely delightful performance.

The film revolves around a well-known narrative device, akin to the Groundhog Day theme. However, it introduces us to a unique character named Roy - an ex-special forces operative and quite the rogue. Roy's life is a peculiar cycle of being killed every day by an assortment of eccentric assassins, only to wake up in his bed and repeat the day. Each time, he has to valiantly fight his way through to unravel the mystery of the time loop and finally reach the 'Boss Level'.

Filled to the brim with humorous moments, the movie keeps you entertained as Roy, through a voice-over, humorously recounts his failures and the times he forgot the sequence of the day's assassination attempts.

Frank Grillo's portrayal of Roy is characteristic of his style, yet he brings a charm and warmth to this otherwise unlikable character. The assassins, each unique and distinct, keep you engaged as Roy has to repeatedly navigate through their ranks to progress. Guan Lin, with her victory proclamation reminiscent of a Street Fighter winner's celebration, is a standout, with actress Selina Lo delivering a fabulous performance.

The film cleverly uses a computer game analogy throughout its narrative, which surprisingly brings about some emotional resonance as the story unfolds, though at times it seems to lose sight of this mechanism.

What sets 'Boss Level' apart from other Groundhog Day-themed movies is its successful evasion of repetitiveness. The traditional epiphany moment that Roy experiences carries emotional weight and truly touches the heart.

Even though it might be categorized as a Saturday morning movie, 'Boss Level' is a fun, violent, humorous, and heartfelt little masterpiece that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Have you had the chance to watch this film or even heard of it? If so, what were your thoughts?

Thank you for reading, and until next time, peace out.
I'm giving this a score of 8
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