Caricature art of MARKED by Andy Radbourne, A 228 Page Graphic Novel.
MARKED by Andy Radbourne, A 228 Page Graphic Novel.
He has carved a path of blood throughout history bringing a brutal death to the wicked.

This comic contains adult themes, bad language and extreme violence Need I say more...!? Death is his nature and opiate of choice and he's wrought it throughout all of history. Ever present but always forgotten, his gift and his curse. Now in London, England, he's on a bloody collision course with another immortal beast and its going to be brutal!

Feedback from readers:

"Its so dark and sinister, I love it"

"To say I was blown away is an understatement. Great story, characters, art & atmosphere. The Moore/Davis vibe is definitely strong with you!"

MARKED is completely finished, coloured, lettered, edited, printed and ready to ship.


A4, Portrait, 210 x 297mm.


The original of 'MARKED, Graphic Novel PDF' has been sold.


This caricature is available on A4 sized, 230gsm paper at £5.00

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